Pinky2: Hiya suze you good babe x pinky x
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TJ SUZE: always babe x
TJ SUZE: how are you?
merryman: hi I am a nice guy blue eyes a bit nervous but thought I would message
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12taffy12: Hi single guy in Newtown mid Wales 4.text fun
GString3: Any 1 wont c**k pic
Mercury32: Na the afterlife is there i had a bad motorbike smash years ago was out of it had the chance to remain on earth or go to the afterlife no joke that
Mercury32: was 30 years ago never forget that.
TJ SUZE: what did you see? x
Tiny45: John wayne shootulist
Alicia74: Lance,your compliments are always well accepted but I'm not confident in the way I look hunni,I always try xx
TJ SUZE: you look great though babe x
TJ SUZE: you should be confident x
Tiny45: John wayne shootulist
Colchester1: Hi bi passive likes 2 xdress openminded lots of interests luv boardminded txt swap with tv xd couples women and doms . Right now 12:50 Send your number 4
Colchester1: reply as cctv x
Pinky2: Suze I'm okay babe bit tipsy haha but okay x pinky x
TJ SUZE: lol what you been on? x
Darknight1: Tall good looking blk guy seeking large CD for txt and fun... Txt mob no X
Dave567: Davo 567 any blackburn
Jimbo49: 55yo wants cd to talk dirty as he finishes
TJ SUZE: the painting?
hellobi4u: Very v v open minded text fun anyone ata with num?
Loop. Caledonia1 txt, meet. Sw scotland.
Loop yorkshire cd wants pretty tv to help feminise me x